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Bill.White at 110_sunshine.com (Bill White): Nanfa Echo

Pass this on to the group........................................

Hi folks I am not able to log onto local BBS systems due to  my software
(Pcplus ) crashing......There was a lot of work involved in getting this
Native fish message forum on to the fidonet backbone and it needs our
help...It needs traffic !!!!!.Fidonet has millions of subscribers and
the NANFE part of it is dieing in obscurity.....SO any help out there !
NANFE is North American Native Fish Echo...The fido net was the
preffered message echo befor the internet...It is a series of small
local bulletin board systems that are linked together via a delayed
basis (usually a day or two). And it is almost aways free being run by a
hobbyist system operator so it gets a lot of new to the information
superhiway traffic....Anyhow LETS GET THE WORD OUT LETS DO SOMETHING.....

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From: Bill.White at 110_sunshine.com (Bill White)
To: robertrice at juno_com
Subject: Nanfa Echo
Date: 06 Apr 97 08:59:00 -0400
Message-ID: <db9_9704061313 at sunshine_com>

(Have received no response to this message I left you in
NANFA echo.  Others there are wondering why you don't
post there.)

     Paul Munoz and I worked pretty hard to set up this
echo.  Believe me, it wasn't easy, especially since
neither one of us knew what we were doing.  But we got
it backboned - all over North America.

     Some time after getting it running, I learned that
you were the real instigation - the one who wanted it.

     Whoever, lately I have noticed that you are
sending multiple-addressed NetMail messages, Paul being
one on the list, so I see them as the SysOp.  I'd like
to suggest that you use this echo, or at least,
crosspost the messages in this echo.  I, myself, am not
interested in fish and am only here to help Paul.

     The EchoList requires a minimum number of messages
per month - 5 if I remember correctly.  I send in the
moderator's update each month (under Paul's name) and
when the return receipt is received, I've been posting
it for all here to see.  So that's one message.  If
more messages don't appear in the echo, the plug will
be pulled by the national coordinator and it will

     So, if y'all want to keep this echo running: use
it or lose it!

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 InterNet: bill.white at 110_sunshine.com

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