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pedersen4 at juno_com (Erik J Pedersen): Dollar Sunfish

Please forward to the group any one out there want to help this young man
get started...?He is from Michigan

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From: pedersen4 at juno_com (Erik J Pedersen)
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Subject: Dollar Sunfish
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 01:03:18 EST
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Mr. Rice,
I recently read your article on the Dollar Sunfish. I am 17 years old and
live in Dexter, Michigan. I am an avid tropical fish hobbyist (especially
cichlids) and a firm believer in protecting threatened and endangered species of animals. After reading your article in Tropical Fish Hobbyist
(I'm a subscriber) I felt that I should try to help out with the Dollar
Sunfish. I would like to begin breeding them to ensure the survival of
the species due to habitat loss. I have the tank space and possible
outdoor pond to house and breed the Dollar Sunfish, but I am at a loss
as to how I can obtain some breeding stock. It seems that you have been
successful in breeding these fish and I was wondering if you may be interested in providing me with some of your surplus fry. I would of course
pay for shipping. If you don't have any extra Dollar Sunfish, possibly
you could give me some references of someone that does have some.

	Thank you for your time and congratulations on a great article in
			Brett Pedersen
			e-mail: pedersen4 at juno_com 
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