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NANF: list address needed

OK two things...

One.  How about doing like I did for this message and start all subject 
with the prefix NANF: which would clearly identify which list the message 
is coming from?  With many of us participating in aquaria usenet groups, 
on different mailing lists, and I am sure, getting way to much bulk spam 
emails, this would be a nice way to remind people where the message is 
coming from, especially on a list like this that gets low traffic.  Just 
an idea that some of you might start adopting.

Two.  I recently was on the brackish mailing list and someone asked about 
striped bass.  I mentioned this list might be a good place to check.  
Naturally, I had a few inquires on how to subscribe.  Naturally v2.0, I 
no longer had the subscribe/unsubscribe info around and told them I 
would have to wait for a burst of emails from the group and get it for 
them.  Soooooo where do I send the HELP and/or INFO commands again to get 
the instruction on how to subscribe to this group???

Patrick Timlin    ptimlin at lynx_dac.neu.edu    ptimlin at ade_com