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"Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi" <normane at hevanet_com>: NANFA--N. Edelen: redfin darter query

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Subject: NANFA--N. Edelen: redfin darter query
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:49:19 -0800
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Hello all,

This arrived in my bin obviously in response to the web page.  Any
should be sent to her address as well as mine, as I think we all would be
interested in seeing responses to her query on the list. 

Thanks, Norm

From: Brenda Hayter <neptune1 at netdot_com>
To: normane at hevanet_com
Subject: redfin darter
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 1:18 PM

First let me tell you how excited I was to come across this page while
doing a seach on native fishes! I didn't know this organization existed!
Native fishes is a hobby of mine.  I will certainly put in my
application to join.

I have a question I hope you could help me with.  I caught 4 redfin
female darters and put them in my aquarium.  I know this is the season
for spawning and they look like they are ripe with eggs.  Is it possible
to hatch these eggs in my aquarium?  What conditions would be favorable?
If the chances are slim of these fish surviving, then I will release
them in the same spot.  But to be able to hatch these eggs would be a
chance of a lifetime for me.  I am not inexperienced with native fishes
as I have a large tank with longear sunfish,river chubs and topwater

                   Thanks in advanced for any info you could give me,

                        Brenda Hayter    jbhayter at lcc_net

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