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Re: NANFA--R. Bock: New Member

To: Bob Bock

Thanks, Bob.  I am studying to be a PetHost on AOL's Pet Forum.  This forum
has a native fish folder with a fair amount of traffic.  I plan to post the
articles in AOL's file library, with an introductory post.  I periodicly post
info on NANFA when I have an excuse, and the lady who runs the Fish Forum is
very good about this.  I'm on Compuserve, also, but there's not as much
native fish traffic on Fishnet.  I live in southeast Tennessee, just outside
of Chattanooga.  I'd certainly act as a regional representative if that's
desired, but I have no idea what kind of things one does.  I'm trying to
spread the word of NANFA; oddly enough even some aquatic biologists are
unaware of its existence.
    I hope this summer to be able to host individual members who wish to
collect in southeast Tennessee.  Tennessee has over 300 species of resident
fish, many of which are smaller non-game fish.  We also have a number of very
interesting mussel species, but many of these are protected.  Additionally, I
don't yet have a good guide to mussels, and regulations for taking mussels
are quite different from fish.  It appears the only way to legally take
mussels is with a commercial license.
    I am running down the legal requirements for taking non-game fish.  It
appears that all fish held in aquaria are Class 3, requiring no permit other
than a fishing license to take.  However, only non-game species may be taken
by dipnet or seine (to 10').  Game species may be taken only by rod.  Longer
seines, shockers, etc. require a scientific permit.  However, this is
preliminary only; I want to confirm this in writing, and I have yet to
receive all my material.  When I have my ducks in a row, I'll post a summary.
'Til next,
Mike Whitfield