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"Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi" <normane at hevanet_com>: NANFA--BG Granier: Collecting Trip

From: BG Granier - ATBGT <bg at te6000_otc.lsu.edu>
To: normane at hevanet_com
Subject: Collecting Trip
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 10:09 AM

Good morning Norm,

Please forward to the NANFA list.

This past Sunday NANFA member David Monett and I were collecting small 
Bowfins near I-10 in the Atchafalaya Basin between Baton Rouge and
Louisiana when two La. Wildlife and Fisheries Dept. game wardens pulled 
up and with disgruntled looks on their faces asked what we were doing.
We explained that we were just getting a few young Bowfins to share with 
other members of the North American Native Fishes Association and that 
was O.K. with them. BUT, we had a small 8' bait seine in our possession
which they definitely didn't like and they asked if I had a license for
I explained that I'd read the Game and Fishing handbook and didn't read 
that I needed a license for the seine but that I did have a current 
resident's fishing license. They weren't interested in seeing the fishing

license but went to their vehicle to look up the seine laws in their
Well after they couldn't find anything in their book to cite us for, they

said we could carry on and they'd be in touch to let us know what if 
anything Headquarter's had to say about the use of a bait seine in
freshwater. Now I'm sure that if we had any gamefish in our posession we 
would have been cited, but we didn't.

So just a word to the wise collector----Game and Fish agents DO NOT LIKE 
SEINES---- but most of the time aren't as familiar with the State laws as

they SHOULD be, in order to properly enforce the law. But, do not argue 
just accept what they have to tell you and wish them a good day. 

I haven't heard from the agent yet, but I did call the Enforcement 
Division and told him the story and situation and he agreed that a seine 
license was NOT required for my use of it.

B.G. Granier

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