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Re: Native Aquatic Plants

Although you can collect your own native plants, its much safer and 
easier to buy them at a pet shop.  Native plants are likely to hold a 
host of unwanted creatures (snail eggs, larvae, etc.) that you probably 
don't want in  the tank.
Although these do occur in pet shop plants, most pet shop plants hold a 
lot less.  You also don't have to (usualy) worry about getting heavily 
dammaged plants (tearing them out of the stream, etc.) or cleaning the 
mud that many grow on.  Some common pet shop plants that are found in 
nature (or are close to whats found in nature) are anacharis (elodea), 
water lilies (check a garden shop for these.), arrowheads (again, garden 
shop, although many of the so-called "Mystery Bulbs" grow into these or 
similar plants.), cabamba, and duckweed.
J. L. Wiegert

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