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Re: Native Aquatic Plants

> I collect aquatic plants in the same places where I collect fish.  Both are
> doing well in my tanks.  However, though I've been able to get a lot of
> information about the native fishes, I can't even identify the plants.  The
> local library has a lot of information about native wildflowers, trees and
> even psychoactive plants, but nothing about aquatic species.  The aquatic
> plant mailing list is dominated by endless, excruciating discussions of CO2
> generators and laterite substrates, and hardly anyone talks about the
> actual plants--which are primarily tropical anyway.
> Can anyone suggest a source for this information.  I would hate to collect
> a threatened or endangered species through ignorance.  Thanks.

Most fish books that actually do deal with plants stick to the more 
commonly had tropicals.  Therefore you might try a book that deals 
exclusively with aquatic plants.  Although they still will deal mainly 
with tropicals, do to the fact that they are basically aquatic plant 
atlases, you will find they do cover many plants found in North America.

Which state are you in?  Also, keep in mind, many plants commonly found 
in rivers and ponds often are exotic imports.  For instance, in my neck 
of the woods (Boston MA area) many of the water around here are choked 
with hornwort, Cambomba, water chestnuts, and a few others.

Maybe when the weather gets nice again and I take the Canoe out, I will 
have to collect some of the ones I find around here (which I do anyways) 
and photograph them and post the photos to the group with (my 
interpretation anyway) of what plants they are (common and latin names if 
possible).  I remember when I first started pulling these out of local 
rivers and not having a clue of what they are and also having trouble 
finding info.  Not so much that the info was not out there, but do to my 
lack of knowledge of where to look.

Patrick Timlin    ptimlin at lynx_dac.neu.edu    ptimlin at ade_com

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