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Re: Native Aquatic Plants

Steve Gates wrote:
> I collect aquatic plants in the same places where I collect fish.  Both are
> doing well in my tanks.  However, though I've been able to get a lot of
> information about the native fishes, I can't even identify the plants.  The
> local library has a lot of information about native wildflowers, trees and
> even psychoactive plants, but nothing about aquatic species.  The aquatic
> plant mailing list is dominated by endless, excruciating discussions of CO2
> generators and laterite substrates, and hardly anyone talks about the
> actual plants--which are primarily tropical anyway.
> Can anyone suggest a source for this information.  I would hate to collect
> a threatened or endangered species through ignorance.  Thanks.

Where are you located?  

See if there are any books dealing with local or region flora and fauna.
Here in NJ there are a couple of books dealing with the plants and
animals found in the Pine Barrens.  Extremely interesting habitat.  It
was exciting to find a swollen bladderwort blossoming last summer while
out collecting.  

Also, try local colleges and universities they may have some

Good luck