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re: NANFA posts on AOL

To all:
    I've gotten a conditional go-ahead to add the NANFA "American Currents"
and "The Darter" articles that NANFAMAN sent me (thanks!)  I need written
permission - I suppose from you, Robert, unless there's someone who handles
that?  I don't know if the articles are public domain, property of NANFA, or
property of the individual authors.
    I'm getting conflicting information about regulations in Tennessee.  My
girlfriend is copying actual Tennessee law for me.  I have not yet received
the legal information from TWRA - probably next week.  I'm going to try to
puzzle out the various definitions and cross-references for what Becky's
copied so far.  I'll post again when I know something more.  So far no one
has told me I can't collect whatever (non-T&E) non-game fishes I want.  I'm
also getting legal codes on shipping, so we'll know where we stand.
    Finally, is there any mechanism for getting extra copies of "The Darter"
and "American Currents" monthly?  If we could break down the part of the
membership cost devoted to each publication, I might swing an extra partial
subscription or two, just to have some to hand out.  I think that would be
better than photocopies.  Something to think about, anyway, if it could be
done without dipping into the budget for other areas, sort of zero sum
advertising.  (Well, member-subsidized advertising.)