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Re: Tennessee laws

Robert and NANFA,

With regards to Tennessee laws, I took a vacation day Wedsnesday and made
some phone calls to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.  They were very
nice, but no one could directly answer my questions.  So they're sending me a
copy of the laws and regulations.  Soon I shall know all... ;-D

On a similar note, I am asking TVA's River Action Team biologists for fish
survey data from Tennessee's river systems.  They have been surprisingly nice
and helpful - one has even invited me along to sample one of our local
streams (sometime in May).  I've even gotten the last batch on disk (have to
buy Microsoft Word or update my Wordperfect...sigh.)  Anyway, my point is
that I have received a lot of data, and continue to receive data, regarding
Tennessee's stream populations.  Konrad Schmidt's article on his stream
surveys fascinated me, and I am inquiring if you'd like me to do a similar
article or set of articles for either "American Currents" or "The Darter".
 If so, give me some guidance as to general form and word count desired,
which publication (if requirements differ), and which electronic format you
want the article in.

Mike Whitfield

"That which does not kill me, makes me stronger.  That which does kill me,
makes me Undead."