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prollo at juno_com (Peter R Rollo): Aquarium Bulbs

for those of you in the Pensylvania state here is chance get some
wholesale aquarium products......

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From: prollo at juno_com (Peter R Rollo)
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Subject: Aquarium Bulbs
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 12:17:37 PST
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I am able to get "Vita-light" Bulbs about 40% cheaper than pet shop
prices.  All sizes are available i.e. 18", 24", 36" & 48" for
freshwater.  The 24 and 48 inch bulbs would be 10.00 ea. and the 18 & 36
inch bulbs 11.00 ea..  Saltwater type bulbs also available but I will
have to check the pricing.  I'd rather not ship them due to their
fragility ( I can't guarantee the bulbs not getting damaged during
shipping).  If I can meet a $75.00 minimum order and can have interested
parties pick up the bulbs a great savings will be made by all.  If you
think there might be enough interested people in my general area or have
any ideas on how to get the word out let me know .  You can't beat the
price for the level of quality received. 

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