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alain <Alain.Barcelo at univ-reunion_fr>: Sicyopterus stimpsoni

Please pass this on to the list ...Anyone want to help this fella?

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From: alain <Alain.Barcelo at univ-reunion_fr>
To: RobertRice at juno_com
Subject: Sicyopterus stimpsoni
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 15:19:43 +0400
Message-ID: <332D28CF.2A79 at univ-reunion_fr>

Dear Mr Rice

	I am looking for a specialist of a hawaiian Gobiidae (Sicyopterus
stimpsoni). Could you please give me a good e-mail address ?

	Sincerely your's

Universit=E9 de la R=E9union
Facult=E9 des Sciences
D=E9partement des Sciences de la Terre
B.P. 7151
97715 Saint-Denis Cedex Messag. 9
t=E9l. : 02-62-93-82-10
fax : 02-62-93-81-66
email : alain at univ-reunion_fr

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