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Re: Position Statement...

Hello all on the email list,

MDWfield at aol_com writes:

>Do we want to send this position paper to every state?  Some states 
>(e.g.Tennessee and Pennsylvania) have, as Rob Criswell pointed out, very

>liberal laws for taking non-game species.  Should we consider a
>paper for these states or. perhaps, a cover letter thanking the state
game >and fish people for their liberal stance, together with hoping
they will 
>consider us in future regulations?

Sending a cover letter to a state with collecting laws which are in step
with NANFA's position and giving them recognition is something NANFA
needs to do. Someone would have to research all the state laws,
interpret them and determine their status with the NANFA position. With
all the ambiguity of current laws in many states this would be a very
difficult task.

Robert has started the ball rolling on the position statement and it is
becoming evident that there are number of issues that need to be
researched. This brings up his original point that the amount of work
involved would be better served if a committee was formed to share the
load. I am certainly willing to provide what information I can even
though this is a little out of my field. Are there any other members out
there with experience in matters such as this that could help contribute?