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Re[2]: Building an aquarium

     I use fiberglass screen (rustproof) and hot glue for all of mine.  
     They have worked flawlessly for years.

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Subject: Re: Building an aquarium
Author:  nanf at actwin_com at smtp
Date:    3/12/97 1:36 PM

     Check the hardware store for the honeycomb or square covers used for 
     florescent light fixtures (plastic eggcrate).  This can be covered 
     with plastic screening with a hole size smaller than the gravel.  This 
     material should be easy to cut and size to fit.  Make sure that you do 
     not choose materials that would be toxic to your fish.  Maybe someone 
     else can provide guidelines on materials to watch out for.
     David Bosshammer
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Subject: Building an aquarium
Author:  <nanf at actwin_com> at Internet 
Date:    3/12/97 1:11 PM
    In the near future I intend to build an aquarium that will have a 
foot print of either 3x8 or 4x8 foot.  I want to put a false bottom 
to it so I will be able to use under gravel filtration. 
    My problem is short of weeks of drilling holes I can not seem to 
figure out a source for a plate that will allow under gravel 
filtration.  I intend to also have an external DE filter located in a 
utility  room.
    Has anyone done a project of  this size in the past, and do you 
know a source for a filter plate.