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Re: Building an aquarium

On 12 Mar 97 at 13:11, wweaver at csra1_csra.net wrote:

>     In the near future I intend to build an aquarium that will have
>     a 
> foot print of either 3x8 or 4x8 foot.  I want to put a false bottom
> to it so I will be able to use under gravel filtration. 
>     My problem is short of weeks of drilling holes I can not seem to
> figure out a source for a plate that will allow under gravel 
> filtration.  I intend to also have an external DE filter located in
> a utility  room.
>     Has anyone done a project of  this size in the past, and do you
> know a source for a filter plate.

Although at present time I don't use undergravel filtration, I have
done in the past some large filters as you describe. What I did was
to use a sheet of egg crate light diffuser which I covered with a
plastic mesh, those used for mosquito control in windows, I held
the mesh to the egg crate with nylon fishing line. For holding the 
plate at the right separation from the bottom of the tank I did a 
frame of glass siliconed in a shape of a "T" or "L" resting the plate 
on top of the frame. Good luck
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