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Position paper

Please pass on to the group

Hello all,

I need some help in formulating a position paper for the State
entintities on collection of Native Fishes. More and more collecting of
Native fishes without a scientific permit (i.e. difiicult if not
impossible to get) has become illeagel in many states (Illinois for
example).That position has been caused because the lawmakers do not know
we are out here and how much add to the knowledge base of native
fishes.So they dont factor us into their plans or laws. WE  COUNT !!!! I
propose we write a rational and reasonable position paper that tells each
state governing body why they should include collectors\aquarist  in
their states laws. After the paper is completed Get as many important
signatures as we can and forward it to all state agencies.Without laws
protecting us as collectors in many states we are being legislated out
of exsistance only by the fact that they do not know we are out here and
doing good. I propose a simple Aquarist\collectors permit that allows the
bearer to collect x amount of darters, sunfish under 6 inches,shiners and
rough fish per day. What we are doing is important to our country our
enviroment and our fishes. The proceeds of said stamp would be used to
further non game fish programs in each individual state.......Let me
know what you think and add your reason why Aquarist should be allowed
to collect and keep Native Fish......................

1) Public Awareness will only increase public involvement

2) Most non game species are lacking in the basic information Aquarist
can provide

3) it is a reasonable and rational use of a natural resource

Add yours and lets make this paper a reality 

Robert Rice

NANFA President