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"Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi" <normane at hevanet_com>: NANFA mail--Robert Bock: NANFA News

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From: Bock, Robert <BockR at hd03_nichd.nih.gov>
To: Norman D. Edelen, Jr. and Lisa A. Hayashi <normane at hevanet_com>
Subject: NANFA News
Date: Monday, March 03, 1997 9:22 AM

Norm and Lisa, for the list.

Attention all members.  Chris Scharpf and I have instituted a NANFA News 
column for American Currents.  Unlike previous versions of this column, 
which included other items, NANFA News focuses exclusively on reports from 
the Regions, as well as from individual members.  We always need
let us know what you're doing, whether it's collecting or a speaking 
engagement, whether you've published a fish-related article, or are just 
having a neat time observing the shiners you brought home from the bait 

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