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Re: Pass on to the group...collecting report

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, robert a rice wrote:

> Just got back from a all day bridge jumping collecting tour of the
> Florida Panhandle with Fisheries personell Gray Bass. It was a long
> pleasant day...We collected for ovr an hour in the evergladi rich swamps
> of the Alabama Florda border...Over 30 evergladi were procurred , a score
> of L. Omata was added to the mix the water level was extremely high! In a
> variety of spots we collected swamp darters, blackbanded darters, gulf
> darters lined topminnow,dollar sunfish (2), a 1 inch redfin pickeral,
> some rough shiners, filled up the batch...Gray was extremly excited
> because he had been looking for swamp and gulf darters for a couple of
> years....So to the pickle jar most of those went.....SO anyone else out
> there doing any collecting?
Hey, I'm in NY! Its too coooold up here to go collecting just yet!  :-)
J. L. Wiegert
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