Re: [Fwd: cold water tank setup]

Frank Crane wrote:

> More importantly, interested in plants that will do well
> in colder temps.  I'm acquainted with Elodea and other floaters we
> have in local cold water stream, but much more interested in bulbs and
> other rooted broadleaf or grass-like plants.

You might consider Sagitaria sublata (Arrowhead), Cacomba caroliniana,
and possibly Bacopa amplexiicaulis.  There is always good old Hornwort!

> 2. Need to know if my environment will support my plans, (basement
>    room temp averages 50s in winter and 70s-occasional low 80s (F) in
>    summer.

Most cold water plants I think would be okay.  Many are seasonal,
however, and may die off in the winter.  I would be more worried about
the trout getting too hot in the summer.  I have not kept trout before,
but I wonder if a 55g tank is big enough to keep them in.

> 3. Are systems available for cooling water?

I believe there are water cooling systems on the market, but I don't
know the cost.  I have heard of aquarists using them, even DIY rigs that
they fashion with pumps, piping, refrigerator coils and thermostats.

> 4. The native habitats I'm trying to duplicate have rapidly flowing
>    waters, will that be necessary for my plants to thrive, and if so,
>    is there a filter that will provide that kind of volume?

That probably depends on the plant species.  Standard run-of-the mill
powerheads can generate a pretty good current.

Hope this helps.



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