Re: legal collecting

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997 14:16:30 PST gsneegas at juno_com (Garold W. Sneegas)
>>In the state of Kansas, collecting for home aquaria apparently falls 
>>under the umbrella of catching bait or game fish. The legal methods 

>What I have had explained to me by KW&P officials is that you can keep 
>any fish that you want in an aquarium that can be legally taken under 
>bait and game fish regulations. Any fish you keep are considered part 
>of your creel limit. They look at it as if  rather than keeping your 
>bait fish in a minnow bucket or your game fish in a live well, you are 
>storing them in your aquarium.
>One other note, it is illegal to capture a pair of wild fish, like 
>green sunfish, breed them and then sell their offspring as an aquarium 
>fish. You can however buy a pair of green sunfish from a legal bait 
>dealer, raise the offspring and sell them as a bait fish or for 
>stocking purposes.
>The way the laws are currently written, you can legally go out and 
>seine 500 Southern redbelly dace a day and then kill all of them by 
>using them for bait. Yet if a high school biology class places three 
>or four Orangethroat darters, captured on a field trip, in their 
>classroom tank they are technically law breakers.

This is rather disconserting....We could be legislated out of exsistance
without a whole lot of change in exsisting laws....I have outlined a
proposal for a simple collecting stamp that would allow reasonable and
rational collecting of native species for the home aquaria.What we need
is members of the academic ,Fisheries,  and Education communities in
each state to get togther and make such a proposal to each individual
state and their governing body.Aquarist are a valid and usefull tool in
education and fisheries management and they should not be legislated