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On Wed, 12 Feb 1997 20:51:21 PST, robert a rice wrote:

>Can someone out here get a confirmation that this is the actuall state
>position or just an isolated incident !If this is a new policy we need
>to deal with it directly and rationally. The law would seriously limit
>or end collecting as we know it...Let me know ASAP

Robert, et. al.

Many states are going this way.  In Alabama, there is legistlation on
the docket to prohibit the collection of any aquatic life with nets or
seigns without proper permits.  Illinois will have, if they do not
already, a law with a similar language.

The main reason for this in Alabama is the un-controlled "bait"
industry.  Bait dealers will have to buy their stock from farms or
aquacaulture facilities (instead of buying bait from people who
collects minnows for a living) if this law is established.  Also,
Alabama will adopt a law similar to California prohibitng any native
fish (not just game, but all fish) from being kept in captivity without
a permit.

Georgia, Mississippi, and Ohio are considering similar laws.

What I see if the short coming end of collecting fish for the aquarium.
 In many ways these laws are good but for hobbyist it will be

What can we do?  Start documenting and keeping records of our
activities.  When the time comes that we will all need to acquire
permits for collecting or keeping fish we can show our worth.  Also, it
would be a good idea to become friends with academics or DNR types that
CAN provide references when you fill out that permit application.


Rodney W. Harper
Grand Bay, Alabama  USA

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