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To the online group.....

Can someone out here get a confirmation that this is the actuall state
position or just an isolated incident !If this is a new policy we need
to deal with it directly and rationally. The law would seriously limit
or end collecting as we know it...Let me know ASAP

Robert Rice

NANFA President

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Dear Robert:

I just heard from Ray Katula.  He was talking to James Sternburg who 
is a very longtime NANFA member. He was recently stopped by a an Il 
DNR warden and was told he could not keep the darters he had in his 
bucket. Only minnows are now allowed. This is getting insane!  I think 
NANFA should organize and "educate" these state and provincial 
agencies one by one. If they don't listen to reason, have chapter 
members go to their legislators and local newspapers. If that fails 
and even though these are priviledges and not rights, I say go to the 

Of course you know, I take this very personally and very much want to 
pursue it. It's just a question of time.  I am so thin as it is that I 
may have to let the Darter go entirely.  We'll see.


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