Live Food Online.

I am now selling live food cultures.  Great prices, free shipping*.

Marine Algae, Marine Rotifers, Euglena, Infusoria, Freshwater Rotifers,
Cyclops, Cypris, Springtails, Scuds, Daphnia Magna, Daphnia Pulex, Vinegar
Eels/Wine Eels, Microworms, Tubifex Worms, Blackworms, Grindal Worms, White
Worms, Red Worms, Wingless Fruitflies, Meal Worms, Duckweed, Bladder Snails.

Info and order form online at:

If you don't have web access email me and I can send you a listing.

D. J.

*Via USPS regular mail

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