Darter Chat.

Just a reminder that the Darter Chat is in 5 days - 11 Febuary 1997.  
This chat will e held in the Conference Room of the Aquaria Study Group 
at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time, 6:30 Pacific/Talker time.  The chat will 
cover collecting, keeping, breeding, and everything in between that has 
to do with our (well, my) favorite group of Native Fishes.  To get to the 
Aquaria Study Group (hereafter reffered to as ASG) follow the 
instructions after my sig.  The telnet adress is: 
fantasia.galaxynet.com port 8000
or: port 8000
Anyone who is not familiar with talkers ("newbies") please try to show up 
between 8 pm and 9 pm so I can help you out with any of the commands.  A 
little bit of help is at the bottom, but nothing works better than being 
(forgive teh expression) in person.
J. l. Wiegert

Logging into ASG:
First off, you need to be able to telnet.  There are hundreds of 
applications out there, such as Gmud, telnet, and Zmud.  You can get them 
off the web in many cases, or you may already have one.  AOL users should 
visit keyword: TELNET.  Theres instructiosn there on hwo to telnet with 
AOL.  Getting online is easy, once you know how.  Your telnet 
application, whatever it may be, should have a spot for adresses.  It may 
have a spot for a port.  If it has only a spot for adress, you will be 
able to enter one of three ways.  You may use the text name 
(fantasia.galaxynet.com) wherever I put in 
works for everyone, so I'll use that. In the adress enter one of the 
following: 8000
If there is a place for the port setting, enter in in the 
adress box and 8000 in the port box.  Be sure to enter the port (8000) in 
correctly or one of three things will happen.  One, you'll wind up trying 
to connect to the machine and not a talker, two you'll get connection 
refused, or three, you'll wind up on the wrong port.  Thats it, you're 
connected.  At this point a bit of ascii art should show up.  I don't 
feel like copying it in, so I'll just describe it.  It shows the words 
AQUARIA STUDY GROUP made out of a bunch of characters (|,\, etc.) allong 
with a couple of ascii fishes.  You will get the following prompt:
Give me a name:
Rather straight foward, enter a name.  Your name can be any combination 
of letters - for this example we'll say AUser.
Give me a name: Auser
It then SHOULD say if its your first visit.:
New User....
If it doesn't enter anything for the password and try again.... That name 
is taken....You will then be prompted for a password:
Give me a password: 
Enter it.  You wil then be asked to confirm the password.
Please confirm password:
WRITE THE PASSWORD DOWN.  If you cannot remember your password, you're 
out of luck.  We can not get the password for you.
You will then enter the entrance room "Pub".  Type in ".selfpro abd@cef" 
without the quotes (").  This will give you MEMBER status, which means 
you cna move around, use tells, etc.  Type in ".help commands" w/o the 
quotes.  This will display all the commands you can use.  Type in "help 
<command name" without the quotes and replacing <...> with a command.  
This will tell you what a command does.  A few commands you don't need 
are .suicide (deletes teh account), .prompt (pretty much just annoys 
you), .selfpromote (you've already gotten past GUEST status.) .mode (sets 
it so you have to type in say <message>... convienent if you are used to 
having to type it and are always doing so anyhow... but otherwise just 
annoying).  Also, please note that the WIZ level people are there to 
help.  Type in .who to see who is on.  WIzes will be displayed.  Type in 
.t <first two letters of the wizes name> to speak with them.  
Unfortunately, not all regular MEMBERS are helpful.... Some are outright 
jerks.... You get a few of them anywhere....
J. L. Wiegert