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Jayhawk State North American Native Fish Association Report
710 Lake St. Lawrence Kansas 66044
By Garold Sneegas

Yep we have done the 
impossible and have created 
a large enough NANFA group      our  native fishes.
in the state of  Kansas to      (Imagine the change of
warrant a regional              direction at the next
newsletter. This report         zoning meeting when three
will appear two times a         Stream Teams and the Local
year  with the goal of          NANFA chapter show up !!).
sharing anything about          So does the chance to spend
Native Fish be it story's,      a short weekend day
breeding tips, or technical     collecting, cussing and
information for those of us     discussing our Native
that live in Kansas. I have     Fishes sound like fun? I'll
committed to doing one          do a slide presentation and
years worth of newsletters      hopefully a University type
(2). After that time I'll       will lend their talents and
evaluate whether it is          speak a bit. Perhaps one of
worth continuing or even        our DNR folks can fill us
better to pass the torch to     in on the legalities of
another more energetic soul     collecting for the home
. Needless to say I could       Aquarium!
use some input and some         
help here, so if anyone is      How does October in
dying to try their hand at      Lawrence Kansas sound ?
a newsletter I'd be glad to     I'll be glad to set it up
let ya have a crack at it       if folks want to get
even on a one time basis.       together and meet each
other. If it's a hit look
There are a great deal of       for a repeat in the
exciting things going on in     spring!! So if this sounds
the Native Fish business        like fun contact me ASAP at
and  We have an                 1-913-842-1407 so I can get
unprecedented chance to         an idea whether this will
educate the public. Real        work or not. On the
progress is being made and      national front NANFA is at
Aquarist are actually           an all time high in
getting the ear of some of      membership and still
the professional community.     growing . So get involved ,
I have seen more articles       invite a friend to join us
on Native fishes appear in      at our meeting, everyones
mainstream publications         welcome. Last bit of
this year than in the           national news American
previous five years!   So       Currents is still being
get  involved it makes a        improved, and the folks on
difference.                     the editorial team plan to
I think it's about time for     keep 1997 on time and more
all us NANFA folks (and         consistent than ever (Thank
friends of course!!) to get     Goodness).
together in a regional          
meeting. We have a great        There are a mess of other
mix of Professionals,           little things going on in
Teachers, lowly                 the State with the Stream
photographers like myself,      Teams and the University
and some serious Aquarist.      folks. Including a series
of articles by Robert Rice      what not to.....
(former Kansas guy, and         To: Robert Schmidt,
originator of the Kansas        Simon's Rock College,
NANFA group) and photo          Alford Rd.
layouts  in the August          Great Barrignton, Ma. 01230
issues of Freshwater and
Marine Aquarium and
Tropical Fish Hobbyist by
yours truly on Native
Fishes (these Magazines
have a combined readership
of 2.2 million!!). Together
Robert and I have teamed up
to really get the word out
on Native fishes. Anyhow I
know there is a ton more
going on besides my little
stuff so let me know what's
news and I will try to put
it here in the Jayhawk
State Native Fish Report.
Now with that all said I
would like to challenge you
to take a more active part
within your  community.
NANFA is a all volunteer
organization so if it's
members do nothing, nothing
gets done ! So take a
moment to share about NANFA
and Native fish in general
with your local pet store,
DNR or University buddy's
or any place else you think
will work. We need you to
get the word out !!!
Trading Post: Here's your
chance drop me  a note and
I will place a free ad for
you on anything Kansas fish
related be it  for trade or
sell or FYI(subject to
exsisting laws).
Robert Rice 1-904 936-9261
wants L. Megalotis F.
Zebrinus  has many southern
species for trade.
Join NANFA Now......
Membership is only 15$ USA
17$ all other countries
send your name address and If we all joined together We could be a real
asset to