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Gentelmen and Ladie...:),

With the invaluable Help of John Tolman (he did a rewrite and finished it
up in a proffessionl fashion) the NANFA grant with all the additions will
be turned in on 2/6/97. Hopefully NANFA will be a part of breeding and
reintroducing Oregon Chubs and Blackbanded Sunfish this next year!I
thank you for all your help during this rush job.This will not be the
last grant NANFA applys for , we as an organization have turned a corner
and it is exciting It is time to look towards next year and begin to
formulate a grant proposal plan that incorperates several small micro
hatchery projects along with some larger ones. Please contact John
Bondhus at jbondhus at lkdllink_net with your proposed projects and input.
In the future NANFA can look forward to takeing a more proactive role in
Native fish conservation. Take a moment to consider what needs to be done
and how you and NANFA can partner together to get it done.Remember no
idea is to small.

Robert Rice

NANFA slave :)
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