Re: Texas Natives

Hello Timothy.  I have been here in Austin for 5 years.  Although I haven't
collected native fishes, I have looked around some.  Probably the best and
closest location is Bull Creek just off COT(Highway 360).  About halfway
between Reasearch and Ben White is Bull Creel.  There is a good expanse of
wading and several shallow to deep pools that offer quite a number of small
fish including sunfish, bass and other native minnows.  Good luck.

Onis Cogburn
k5vkq at ix_netcom.com

At 03:55 PM 2/5/97 -0600, you wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I'm a recent import to Austin, Texas, and I am curious what types of 
>     native fishes are natural to the local habitat, and where in central 
>     Texas I may go to collect them.  I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and 
>     spent my childhood knee deep in the local creeks collecting native 
>     fishes, but alas its been over 25 years, and I couldn't identify them. 
>     I've been gone along time, but am anxious to get back to collecting.
>     Any help would be greatly appreciated,
>     Thank You
>     Timothy J. Forsythe
>     tforsythe at tcmail_frco.com