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Hope to see you there...

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Hi Norm.  For the online group

Hi all.  Garold and I are proud to give you the NANFA Home Page.  As 
you know, the BOD has officially sanctioned the home page (they got 
first look at it).  It's at:

This is all of ours'.  We welcome comments, good and bad, and ask 
that they be given to the online group, rather than directly to us.  
Garold will manage the fish-of-the-month area and I'll take care of 
the maintenance of the page, but we hope to have active participation 
in the content of the page.

It's important that we make progress in the next 3 weeks.  The 
shareware program we used will expire January 31 and I don't know if 
my employer will buy it, but I'm pretty sure he will.  What we want 
to do is have something by the last week of the month that we're 
satisfied with, so if we can't change it for awhile after that, it 
won't be too much of a problem.  But we'll still  be able to see if 
the home page brings us any new members, which is the main goal 

Think about what you want of our home page.  B.G. Granier had a great 
idea.  He wants to have a list of members who have had success 
breeding natives.  We can have names and species on the page.  This 
will take some work, and hopefully there will be something in the 
Darter and/or AC requesting members for this info.

Take a look at the list of books.  Did we miss one you like?

Are the Far Side characters too silly?

What else do you want to see? 

The last week of the month we'll release the page to the public.


Jay DeLong

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