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On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Garold W. Sneegas wrote:

> Red shiners, Cyprinella lutrensis, which had been infested with the
> Asiatic tapeworm from grass carp, were introduced into Utah waters
> containing Woundfin, Palgopterus argentissmus, an endangered native.
> Heavy infestations of the tapeworm were found in Woundfin. apparently
> the Red shiner is much more resistant to the tapeworm than the Woundfin.
> (Deacon 1988)  
> Garold
Yeck... when will people learn??? You think the Lates problems of Lake 
Victoria and the Rift Lakes would be THE biggest example of why not to 
introduce fish or the carp and goldfish or teh pirahna in teh missippi 
(ok, everyone knows they're really pacus... (-:).... Yet people seem to 
constantly release animals - not just fish - when they become to large or 
they just don't want them anymore.  Those aligator in the sewers storeis 
are, like many "legends" based on facts.  I can't tel you the number of 
times I've heard of someone seeing iguanas or pythons loose.  Hell, look 
at the terrible damage cats and dogs manage to do?  Dogs have all but 
obliverated teh Tuatara.  But people are sometiems slower to learn than 
anything else I guess.......
J. L. Wiegert