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<< There are a
 lot of us folks out here who want practical logical resource managment
 not emotional or political gobblygook....What can NANFA do to help? We
 are just getting our endanged species program off the ground but would
 be glad to help in any reasonable way we can  >>

I think an integrated approach from several groups (NANFA, Sierra Club,
Audubon, various professional societies such as the Wetland Scientists) might
make a difference, but recognize that there are other ideas different from
mine. Perhaps I am proposing throwing the baby out with the bathwater when,
in fact, there are ways to fix the problem within the current scheme. In
addition, there will be those who disagree with my conclusions and have
different experiences with USF&WS, including those within and without the
agency. I'd like to hear from a number of sources, and then see if a
consensus develops. I'm a proponent of my idea vs. what we now have, but
let's see what other ideas pop up from the rest of the world. - Bob G.