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Subject: Re: NANFA mail--Robert Rice: The recently adopted Endangered
species program of NANFA's
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 17:29:02 -0700 (MST)
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A few comments to add.

> I have always felt "well, there is not much I can do because
> the government  would not let me breed endangered species with
> the regulations in place."  

If the fish is listed on the endangered species act it is illegal to have

them in your possesion without paperwork except if you can prove you had 
the species prior to its listing.  I imagine most state endangered fish 
lists are the same.  In Arizona it is illegal to keep any AZ native

> Many species are not yet being held in captivity and it's very
> difficult to get individual permits to collect these. The Fish
> and Wildlife Service has several good reasons it is very
> reluctant  to  approve individuals  to legally collect  these

I would forget about the USFWS for the time being as they are a pain to 
work with.  You are much better to work with state game and fish 
departments.  I don't know much about the situation in the east, but I 
have been working with Nevada Division of Wildlife through a couple of 
Californian clubs.  Most of the cooperative work that they have been 
doing is habitat based, ie, cleaning out exotic species, supervised fish 
counts etc.  However, there are 4-5 species for which they would like to 
obtain information on breeding biology in captivity so that if numbers 
should ever drop they can do something about it with confidence.  These 
fish are all low level state listed (thus paperwork is easier).  However,

the permit stipulation would be that fish can not be passed on from the 
permittee (it would be permitted to individual people, not the club).  
Fish bred would have to be killed or donated to a public aquarium.  The 
primary reason for this is that they are listed (you can't distinguish 
wild caught from captive raised fish) and they don't want people to have 
any chance of doing their own conservation work by releasing them 
somewhere else.  No doubt these kind of issues will vary state to state. 

All this is possible because NV has a sympathetic and severely 
understaffed non game branch (up until recently 1 fish biologist for the 
whole state!) who needs all the help he can get.  If a group is 
interested in working with this I can probably get the ball rolling.  I 
will not do it though unless I feel the recipients are likely to have 
sufficient experience to do it.  The species include Lepidomeda (Virgin 
River species), Gila bicolor subspecies, Rhinichthys.  I don't have the 
exact list handy, but I think that is some of what they suggest we apply 
for.  The key with these kind of projects is to start small and build up 
credibility.  Once the club has a good track record then start hitting 
the USFWS.

> Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation  and Dave Schleser at the
> Dallas Aquarium are actively looking for serious aquarists to
> help keep several species alive.  The AKA protocol does not
> allow them to give them to individual aquarists.  They are,
> however,  willing to donate them to a club that maintains a
> serious record-keeping  system.  In addition, we need to gather
> the data on breeding techniques and put it in the same data
> base.  

There are several fishes here that nanfa should apply for including 
several Cyprinodons, Megupsilon, 2 or more Xiphophorus, goodeids.  All 
species which are typically easy to raise and either extinct in the wild 
or nearly so.  There are a few people keeping these fishes, but not

I think the key thing is to get to know your local non game biologists
they exist) and find out what you can do to help and build a relationship

with them.


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