Re: Passthis on to Bob Goldstien PHD

Feel free to reprint anything I did for NANFA or any other club magazines. As
to how it was way back when, it was mostly a handfull of collectors and lots
of buyers, but no breeders.  A few of the correspondents swore to me that
there was "nothing" in their area, yet I knew they were in the midst of the
range of a good species or several species. Other people responded to my
queries abou breeding with the attitude of why breed when you could catch all
you want. It was discouraging. That's why I dropped out. Re status of book, I
am awaiting completion of the technical review by Dr. Carter Gilbert of the
Florida State Museum in Gainesville. After that, I will no doubt have plenty
of fixing to do, and after that it goes back to the publisher, Texas A&M
University Press. - Bob Goldstein