Re: collecting in FL

Bob Goldstein,

  Thanks for the information. I have been uncertain about the Florida
collecting laws also. On one collecting expedition at Sebastian inlet in
Brevard county, I had two state park officers disagree with each other about
the specimens I had collected that day. The interesting point of this
encounter was that after I provided the Florida state fishing pamphlet for
them to reference, they still disagreed with each other. One officer then
stated that 'The rules are different in state parks'. I returned the
specimens I had caught that day (sticker fish, gulf toad fish, and some nice
pipe fish, and some small top sargents) and have been confused and
apprehensive ever since. Since then I have just kept my fishing licenses
current and have been waiting for my next encounter with park or game
officers. My plan is to show them the information I have, and then do what
ever they say. The information you provided will be included next time an
offical asks to 'look in my buckets'.

Bob Nawrocki