I am interested in keeping natives.  Originally from Annapolis, MD, I
used to catch and keep many species from the Chesapeake Bay's
tributaries - brackish killies (banded & longnose and sheepshead
minnows), sunfish (pumpkinseed mostly), and bullheads.

The problem is that I now live in Los Angeles (a native anything is hard
to find here, much less fish!).  Is there anyone out there who knows
about native fish in southern CA and can give me some advise?  I have
searched my field guide (Audubon's) and found only two feasible species
for collection within a reasonable drive - the Speckled Dace and the
California Roach.  I know there must be more species out there.  Maybe I
need a new field guide?  Peterson's perhaps?

I don't mind finding a stream somewhere, dipping a net, and seeing what
comes up; I enjoy doing that very much.  I would, however, love to hear
any hot tips that someone may wish to share.

Thanks - and Happy New year!


Christian C. Burke

Email:      cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net
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