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<< I was in Highsprings collecting with Ted Greenwald last year ...It is
 BEUUUUUTIFULL there ....I think you have made an excellent point and
 will do just that...You might want to talk to the DNR's Jerry Krumerich
 in your neck of the woods he has some great collecting locals he'd be
 happy to share.....>>

Yes, Hightower is a beauty.  There are a few more nice springs on the Holmes
Creek drainage there in Washington and Holmes county.  However,
_Pteronotropis welaka_ is not as abundant there as they use to be.
>> I have been told by the DNR personell that there is no specific
 freshwater collecting regulations so the resort to baitlaw wich allows
 you to collect minnows and the like without a license with a limit of
 250 per day I will however get an official opinion !! >>

Please do get that official opinion.  I have been told several variants of
the law and after 5-years of asking, I still have not received my FREE
Florida game laws book.  If you can get your hands on one, please get on for
me too.