collecting in FL

        The following excerpt is from my m/s on American Aquarium
Fishes which is currently still in review. I presume it is still up
to date and hope we can put Florida concerns to bed. Has anybody
written to the state agencies for a copy of regulations? I have
found them quite responsive and don't know what all the fuss is
about. - Bob Goldstein


Contact Division of Fisheries, Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission,
620 South Meridian Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600, (904) 488-
1960, -9542. License fees range from $12 to $66.

         Nongame freshwater fishes (defined as bait in Florida)
include: bowfin, carp, catfish, eel, gar, shad, shiner, tilapia,
killifish, and sucker, which may be taken by hook-and-line and
specified other methods for human consumption. Nongame fish except
catfish may be taken by cast net, minnow dip net not more than 4
feet in diameter, minnow sine not exceeding 20 x 4 feet, or minnow
trap not exceeding 2 x 1 feet with maximum of 1 inch funnel. 

         Cast nets and minnow lift nets are prohibited in the St. Johns
River Water Management District lands adjacent to Lake Griffin in
Lake County. Cast nets are legal in the South and Central regions. 

         Recommended Regional Book: Carr and Goin (1959), Guide to the
Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fishes of Florida, University of Florida
Press, Gainesville, Fla. (out of print). A DeLorme gazetteer is

         The following species are protected:

         Notropis melanostomus                                         SE
         Etheostoma oklaloosae                                         SE
         Acipenser brevirostrum                                        SE
         Ammocrypta asprella                                  ST
         Menidia conchorum                                    ST
         Acipenser oxyrhynchus                                         SC
         Cyprinodon variegatus hubbsi                                  SC
         Fundulus jenkinsi                                             SC
         Rivulus marmoratus                                   SC
         Etheostoma olmstedi maculaticeps                              SC
         Etheostoma histrio                                            SC
         Micropterus n. sp. cf. coosae                                 SC
         Micropterus notius                                            SC
         Pteronotropis welaka                                          SC
         SE = Endangered   ST = Threatened
         SC = Species of Special Concern