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>  >Easy the DNR sponsers the meeting and we collect in their vehicles ..!!!
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> Most excellent I would say.  However, how do you collect legally when DNR is
> not around?
> Rod
	Hi,  I'm even more in the dark about the legalities of native fish
keeping/collecting in Florida than Rod is.  Not knowing for sure what is
legal has sure put a damper on the collecting end of my activities.  I'd
hate to be cited for some law I never heard of just for dipping some
collectables out of a local pond or river. 
	I want to comply with all applicable laws but unfortunately the
state of Florida does not make it easy to even find out what laws ARE
applicable.  There doesn't seem to be any central source of information for
information on collecting and keeping native fish in your home.
	I know you (Robert Rice) are gung-ho on getting people into the
native mode and you sound like you have had extensive interaction with fish
related authorities. You would do everyone who lives in or visits Florida a
great service by synopsising all pertinant legal information.  I think it
would do more to energize collecting here than any other single 
informational article.
	Thanks in advance!
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