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                 Seminole State NANFA Report
                         Robert Rice
                          Nov. 1996

Greetings all, the Native Fish movement is growing and
growing . Florida now has the highest amount of NANFA
members in it's history ! I am excited and challenged by
this fact. While the National office remains behind in their
publication schedule, the regional groups across the nation
are growing like weeds. The regions all across the continent
have become the place where the fun is. For all of you
Tropical Fish fans there have been a series of articles in
Tropical Fish Hobbyist ( TFH )  and Freshwater and Marine
Aquarium (FAMA ) by a variety of authors that has opened up
a whole new world of converts to the Native Fish Movement!!!

For all of us who missed the Gainesville Regional meeting
almost a year ago we had a great time and now  I think it is
time to have another one.  In the panhandle here we have a
huge variety of species and opportunities to collect. We can
also accommodate members from Alabama and Mississippi We
also have some excellent coastal and saltwater species
available. I live in Navarre which is near Pensacola. So
here is the plan  the First weekend in February we all head
North to Navarre meet for a day of collecting , slides and a
discussion or two. I am sure the DNR will be glad to help us
find a variety of species. At the end of the day you chef
King Robo ( ME!!!! ) will Barbecue or cook some other
suitable feast to send you all to bed happy and
full......Those who seek to keep our spouses or other evil
non fishheads happy we have a great variety of fun
activities in the Pensacola area including some of the best
beaches in the World !! For those just stuck on Gainesville
we can expect to have an additional  Ted Greenwald hosted
event in 1997.
Hopefully by now you have received your NANFA membership
directory ! In it it lists all the regional coordinators and
members. Drop a note or phone call to those in your area you
wont regret it.If you have a species you just cant live
without check out the ol'e Petersons Field Guide to
Freshwater Fishes to find it's range and drop a note to the
corresponding regional chair. He/She will give you your best
bet to acquire that hard to get species.
    On a bit of a sad note this will be the 2nd and last
regional newsletter I will write. It's not that I don't like
  it , its just that with three kids, a business to run, my
 writing, and my responsibilities within NANFA I don't have
   the time or energy to give this thing a push. I did not
  receive a single note , call , letter or blurb about the
   last newsletter I sent out which leads me to think that
  there just is not a big demand at this time for a Florida
 State newsletter. If I am wrong and someone else out there
   feels like this is a worthwhile project I would be very
  happy to help you take over the reigns. Anyhow RSVP to me
 about the February meeting or anything else on your mind to
   Robert Rice 2213 Prytania Circle Navarre Florida 32566,
       email RobertRice at juno_com phone 1-904-936-9261

For those people who want to hook up with other Native
fishheads around the World........Anything Native Fish
related is OK HERE........
Robert Rice-RobertRice at juno_com-----Has Flagfin shiners
pygmy sunfish,redfin pickerel, longear sunfish (Kansas
Subspecies) many Southern species, will trade for Darters ,
Blackbanded Sunfish what not....heading up a regional
meeting in the spring
Ray Wolff- 1150 16th St. North 8A, Wisconsin Rapids
Wisconsin 54494 has TONS of Northern Midwest species ,
including gar, shiners darters etc...Wants many southern and
unusuall species
 Peter Rollo--2308 Cedar Lane, Secane PA 19018- Has for sale
domestic raised Banded and Black banded Sunfish, Ellasoma
Evergladi (Pygmy sunfish)
Jim Sternburg- 107 E Florida Ave. Urbana Ill. 61801-Has for
trade only a great variety of killies shiners including
Southern Redbelly Dace and many types of darters.
Bill Ballard- 6811 Moss Oaks Lane Elberta Al. 36530-Has many
fresh and saltwater coastal species avaliable. Including
Bluespotted sunfish, flagfin shiners and a ton of killies
and pygmy sunfishes...
Mike Whitfield- 7005 Antler Lane Harrisson Tennessee 323421
has a variety of snubnose darters and Tennesse shiners
Paul Munoz- paul.munoz at 110_sunshine.com, interested in
Orange spot sunfish and blackbandeds has a variety of things
for sale or trade
Garold Sneegas- Gsneegas at juno_com has Native fish photos
avaliable for commercial use...check for avaliable species.
Heads up the Kansas Region check with him for meeting times
and locations.
Tyson-3917 Conrad Dr. #B4 Springvalley Ca. 91971...Has a ton
of Longear Sunfish (Kansas Subspecies) for trade as part of
a breeding program...interested in darters and colorfull
Elmer Guerri 8401 Lakewood Place., West Terre Haute Indiana
47802 heads up the regional chapter for Indiana and Illinois
contact him for meeting information and contacts with those
in the state.
B.G. Granier has or can get F. Crysotus, L.
Parva,F.Olivaceus, E. Zonatum, H. Formosa, F.grandis, A.
Xenicaand other species. Interested in trading for shiners
notnative to Lousiana. Call (504) 775-6400 or email me at
bg at te6000_otc.lsu.edu
Please pass this list on to other forums all ads will run
for 3 months unless you otherwise request a standing order
and Visit the NANFE (North American Native Fish Echo) on the
fido net for more Native Fish stuff. If youd like to add
yourself or change your ad on this list please forward a
note to robert rice at the above e mail address....