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                     NEWS FLASH.........
NANFE A Fidonet backbone discussion group is now on line....
 NANFE (North American Native Fish Echo) is dedicated to the
 discussion of of North American Native Fishes fresh and saltwater ,
Plant and Herps...
      This echo has some of the most famous authors and
 photographers of Native Flora and Fauna along with a great
many Aquarist and amature Naturalist. So if you keep Natives
   in the tank, study em for a living, or are looking to
    trade for that special specimen, this is the place to
 Ask your SYSOP to carry NANFE. It's on the fidonet backbone
  and it's growing fast....Look forward to full articles on
Native Fishes in the August issues of FAMA and TFH and great
    discussions and what not on the NANFE echo...See you