Re: Etheostoma Spawn.

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<< know And I'll give you his email adress...as for your writing do you have
 a home for these articles yet ? I'd like to see them ...I'd be happy to
 introduce you to the editors of TFH FAMA and Aquarium Fish MAGAZINE (yep
 their NANFA Folks :(...)...(ok I promise no more NANFA things for the
 rest of the week)....If you have never had any articles published i
 reccomend you try TFH first the pay a little but are very positive to ne
 writers and Ray the editor really likes native fish...If they turn you
 don i can assure you a publicatio in an unamed Fish club publication
 ...the need is high to the info out and i can't keep up :) so what can I
 do to help you and others get the word out I will.... >>

The only down side to publishing in TFH is the low pay and the selling of ALL
RIGHTS.  AFM pays better and buys first North American rights.  This is handy
if you wish to sell you articles again, overseas.  Don't get me wrong, the
folks at TFH are fine people.  Ray Hunziker is a good fellow and will give
anyone a fair shake if they want to get published for the first time.

I am glad to see the magazines getting interested in natives.  I have written
a few articles for AFM and one for TFH.  Just last month, DATZ (in Germany)
published my introductory article to Darter reproduction.  Now is the time
for native people to start writing articles!


Rodney W. Harper
Grand Bay, Alabama