Re: Etheostoma Spawn.

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996 15:43:17 -0500 (EST) Wiegert <wiegec at sage_edu>
>I'm happy to report that my unidentified cave-spawning Etheostoma 
>just proved to be cave spawning by spawning in a cave.  Hopefuly I'll 
>able to get some fry out of this lot and perhaps be lucky enough to 
>a darter identification guide for the holidays.... Also, my E. 
>are now in the third spawn as I've found some little ones (About 2-3 
>while moving the eggs.  Happy holidays, and may Santa Clause bring you 
>numerous natives, and perhaps those powerheads and a chiler. :-)
>J. L. Wiegert

Please include the how toos on the orangethroats ...Where was the
original strain from?? I can get you some blackbanded darters if you are
interested in a little trade action....BTW did you catch my orangethroat
article in TFH a feww months back....????

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