Dear Mr. Weigert,

I would like to have my name added to the NANF e-mail list.
My main interest is photographing native North American fishes,
underwater, in their natural habitat. I do not collect fish or stage any
shots while I am photographing. 

I have been building a cataloged slide file for the last five years and
currently have over 900 slides. I am always looking for clear water
sites, from small shallow streams, to large lakes and springs. I have
made numerous connections with ichthyologist around the country and have
found that joining e-mail lists, with colleagues who have an interest in
native North American fishes, is a great way to make contacts. I do not
mean to imply that I will be actively soliciting sites from members on
NANF'S e-mail list. 

By following research that is being done and what is unique in different
areas of the country, allows me find sites I would normally not be aware
of. I have found that just about every state has some type unique aquatic
habitat, with public access, that only local residents know about.

The work I do requires a considerable amount of patients and observation.
I have captured some very interesting behaviors on film that have been of
interest to several ichthyologist and would be glad to share what I have
discovered with NANF e-mail members, if they are interested.

I do not know what topics are discussed on the NANF line however I would
like to know and also contribute what I have learned if you feel it
would be appropriate. 

Garold W. Sneegas
gsneegas at juno_com