At 03:28 PM 12/19/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>I do not know how to point my telenet at the site.  I can get there thru a
>>link on a web page, but beyond that I can't.  I have yet to find a link on a
>>web page that will allow me access.
>I can add a link on my page.  It'll be done before you get this
>Go to my page at:
>	http://www.c2.net/~rieb/aquaria/
>Click on Other Links, It'll be there.
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Thanks D. J.,

I was able to access thru your link.  I really appreciate your willingness
to help me out with this problem.  

Will visiting the Study Group site, I ran accross an old friend I hadn't
heard from in months. It was fun.

Anyway these fathead minnows I caught today weren't the albino (xanthic)
color form, although a few individuals caught at this same location back in
September were.  Today's catch was the natural color form. Some nice robust
looking fish.
I appreciate your advising me about the black spot on the dorsal fin, Carl.