On Thu, 19 Dec 1996 normane at hevanet_com wrote:

> At 06:23 PM 12/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
> >If anyone would like an account set up on the Aquaria Study Group or is 
> >having trouble logging into it, please drop me an e-mail.  I'll be happy 
> >to either help you or set up the account for you.  Hope to see some of 
> >you there soon!
> ><><
> >J. L. Wiegert
> >NANF LIst Manager
> >
> Hello J. L.
> I do not know how to point my telenet at the site.  I can get there thru a
> link on a web page, but beyond that I can't.  I have yet to find a link on a
> web page that will allow me access.
> Norm, NANFA
In order to telnet with a web browser (you should really get a telnet 
application... you can probably find a few online somewhere) I believe 
you type in telnet:// and the adress followed by the port, but I"m not 
too sure....  I'll check on this, but please look into some sort of 
telent application.  They do come in handy.
J> L. Wiegert