Re: Wake uuuuuuuup!

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Crom wrote:

> Hi.. Is anyone on this list?  :)
> I'm in SW OH (Middletown to be specific -- between Dayton and
> Cincinnati), and have never kept any native species, but would like to
> in the future.  Anyone on the list in my area?  Recommend any good
> collecting sites?  Here's another question -- what about a mail order
> sources for traps, seines, etc?  
> Mebbe I've stirred something up!
> Brian T. Forsythe
> crom at cris_com
What? what? Just five more minutes mom! Ok! I'm up! :-P THeres about 
thirty or so people on this list, you can find out exac tly by sending 
majordomo at actwin_com the command WHO NANF.  (No period at the end of NANF)
To mail order any kind of collection gear you probably want to give a 
tackle or fishing catalog company a call.  Cabelas or something like that 
lists seines, traps, etc. in their catalog.  Also, check sportings good 
stores in the spring...> They get seines and stuff like that in at that 
time.  Also, check taxidermist shops -- many also sell hunting and 
fishing equipment at better prices than sporting goods stores.  I'm not 
in OH, I'm in NY.  I'll look up some species if you want. 
J. L. Wiegert