Up-and-coming Chat Room!

We now have our very own Chat Room on the Aquaria Study Group.... I don't 
believe its on at the moment, but it should be on very soon! To get the 
the Aquaria Study Group, point your telnet applications at 
fantasia.galaxynet.com 8000 The numeric code is: 8000.  
Please be sure to get the port setting right as the other ports (in the 
4000's I believe) are not fish related.  Upon entering, one may want to 
type in ".news" without the quotes for help.  Hope to see you all there.  
The room, once working, will be called the Coldwater Room or something 
similar.  This room will be an appropriate place to discus anything about 
coldwater fishes, inlcuding natives, goldfish, and koi... Don't worry, 
we'll overrun it sooner or later! (Kidding!)
J. L. Wiegert
NANF List Manager