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<<  could you tell me the extent of your native fish experience as well as
 your geographic location. As this is a list about Natives, it helps a lot
 to have this information.  >>

I have been keeping natives for about 20-years now.  I write articles and
give talks around at various fish shows on collecting and breeding them.  I
specilize in breeding Cyprinids and various Gobioids.  I co-authored a book
with Robert Goldstein that should be published next year on North American
Aquarium Fish.

I have a manuscript that I will publish myself on culturing food animals for
fish (with notes on nutritional and feeding behaviors of the fish).

By profession, I am an aquatic ecologist for a environmental consulting firm.
 My hobby interests in the way of aquariculture are captive care and
maintenance of North American fishes; nutritional requirements

I am also a web designer part time and will be building a NANFA interactive
web site (with the Boards approval).

In a hyphenated word, I am a Native-Nut.



Rodney W. Harper
Grand Bay, Alabama