Re: Welcome To NANF!

Hi there,  I don't have any experience at this time.  My cousin and I want
to get as much information Natives.  So that we can next spring attempt to
get Natives for our tanks.  I am from Mankato, Minnesota in southern part of
the state.
>     I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to NANF at actwin_com. 
>I'm J. L. Wiegert, the List Manager.  I do have some requests.  First off,
>could you tell me the extent of your native fish experience as well as
>your geographic location. As this is a list about Natives, it helps a lot
>to have this information.  Unfortunately, there has been some confusion
>dealing with adresses.  This adress is my (JLW) personal E-Mail adress. 
>The list's adress is NANF at actwin_com.  I'm sure that you already know
>this, or could have figured it out, but avoiding this now prevents a lot
>of trouble later... :-).  Also, if you know of anyone who may be
>interested in this list, please direct them to a message about it, or
>better yet, foward one to them. 
>J. L. WIegert

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