Re: Peru Collecting Trip

Apologies for the crossposting to lists I am not a member of -
I am only on the apisto list.

Carl & Joyce Camper <chateaustripmin at mcn_net> said:

>I am planning/hoping to make a fish collecting trip/tour to Peru in
January.  I made a similar trip in 1990.

Is this tour being organized privately or thru a company?
Are you referring to Margarita Tours? If not, which company?

I have been on two of their collecting trips in 1995 and 1996.  If so,
you can see pictures and read about their trips by having a look at
<http://www2.gol.com/users/ocarroll/amazon> and the related links to
the home pages of other travellers on the same trip.  I have personally
collected at least 5 sp of apisto and 3 sp rivulus have been collected
there. No livebearers as far as I know.

>I have obtained a digital copy of
>the propectus and the list of fishes collected last year.

If you got the digital copies on the net, why not post the URL
where we can see them, or put them at web site where they can be seen?

Frank O'Carroll